We are pioneers in distributing Paraguayan yerba mate in European market. For many years we have been working on popularization yerba mate, spreading in Poland and abroad the word about potential of Green Gold of Indians.

Our adventure with mate began from fascination with this stimulating and nourishing infusion. We were gathering information about ilex paraguariensis getting at reliable scientific research proving its influence on health. We were also reaching for legends and myths of Tip and Guarani Indians. Then we created a composition which combines the power of yerba mate with traditional herbs so that they could jointly release their properties.

Unique El Pajaro brand is the fruit of our work on creating yerba mate fully acceptable by people choosing powerful infusion at the same time appreciating deep flavours, including classic bitterness typical for domestic yerba mate from Paraguay.

Our vision of drought processing is thus close to clsssic but also it meets requirements of today’s consumers who care about ecological and ethical production of herbal ingredients. From the very beginning our activity is characterised by the idea of harmonious relation with nature and society.