You’re thinking what to drink after dinner or a long banquet at a festive table? Yerba mate will be an ideal solution not only in case of overeating but also as preventive healthcare and for metabolism. Our proposal of yerba type suitable for this is organic and stimulating El Pajaro Menta Boldo.

Refreshment of the whole organism

Paraguayan yerba mate El Pajaro is ecological and carefully selected drought in the classic sense. It contains tiny leaves, sticks and dust, it is as energising as a Paraguayan infusion should be. On the other hand, thanks to herbal composition yerba El Pajaro gains an extra dimension: its taste is exceptionally refreshing what applies not only to the mouth but also to intestines and the entire body! All this thanks to mint and boldo, plants characterised by similar properties. They affect digestion, correct production of gastric juices, proper management of nutrients. At the same time they have deep, refreshing aroma – peppermint is dominated by menthol smell with pepper notes while boldo has similar though yet stronger smell. Boldo is one of the favourite ingredients of yerba mate in the countries of South America.

El Pajaro Menta Boldo – health in your gourd

To benefit from health-promoting properties of yerba mate after a square meal, you must know how to drink it!

Never when eating as it could reduce the work of digestive fire. After easting you should wait at least half an hour and only then enjoy the delicious infusion of El Pajaro Menta Boldo. This kind of yerba will also taste great prepared as terere, that is yerba mate flooded with cold water with ice cubes. However, infusions have bigger influence on metabolism, so we advise to drink a warm yerba after eating. Then we will bring out more properties of the herbs added to El Pajaro – mint and boldo, while the aroma floating above gourd will refresh you yet before drinking, as it will give your organism energy after the strain of your meal.